HorseFeathers  Show Team

This team was set up to students who are enjoying their lessons and ready to step it up and maybe dabble in the fun of competition! You don't need to own a horse to be involved!

This is a fun way to meet new people, raise the bar of your riding skills through competition,  and prepare yourself for the next step, the horse purchase.  This program is for children and adults. We have several outside shows that we participate throughout our show season and you can pick all, some or one to participate. 

These competitions are off-property, and we provide the horses and equipment to go to the shows.  Our students get the opportunity to take lesson horses the instructors feel would be the most competitive, yet safe, and get the quality show ring experience.  As the rider, however, you are in charge of discussing with your instructor your goals and then your instructor can provide the best guidelines on how we can meet them.

See Competition Packages under Programs. Additional costs are show costs which run $265-$650/show depending on the show you choose.


HorseFeathers Academy Show Team

Competition Team Programs

Whether you are just starting out and want to get your "feet wet" in the show ring or your an accomplished and seasoned rider, there is a division and a place for you to bring your dreams to reality.‚Äč

770 Bryson Lane   Midlothian, TX  76065        240-529-3066     Hours ~ By Appointment

This is our "A" show team. They compete a STAR Rated and Regional Morgan Breed Shows through the season, are part of a Youth Team and work/compete with Morgans from the Morgan Safenet Foundation Program.

This is a step up from the Academy program. You do not need your own horse to compete. You would be matched with a horse that we feel is of competitive level and you would Lease. Additional costs are associated with the show and run between $650 -$2500 per show depending on the shows you choose. The cost of an outfit depending on division is also needed.

*We would go over all costs prior before commitment.