Equine Facility LLC

MI Black Ice
(Serenity Terry x MI Arrion)
REGISTERED Morgan Stallion
Foaled 1969

Old lines of some great pedigrees that are hard to fine, Ice stamps beauty and talent.

Semen Available: $800 Per Dose/Frozen ONLY

Standing at 3 Fates Farm in Wadsworth, OH.

Contact: Colleen 240-529-3066

Illegal Motion
(Man In Motion x UVM Unity)
REGISTERED Morgan Stallion
Foaled 05/09/2000

Watch for him in 2019...return to the arena!

Semen Available: Terms by individual request.

Contact: Colleen 240-529-3066

Serenity March Time
(Vigilmarch x Triwana )
REGISTERED Morgan Stallion
Foaled 1969

Now deceased and only 2 doses available. Older lines going back to Ulendon and Ulyses.

Semen Available: $800 Per Doze/Frozen ONLY (old packets)/$1200 buy last two

Contact: Colleen 240-529-3066

Coming June 9, 2019!

Salem Command & Whitemud Cheyenne

PKW Phoenix
(Stoneholm Taliesin x Rockingham Rosemary)
REGISTERED Morgan Gelding
Foaled 1993

Phoenix has Ben Don, Orcland, and Government lines. Once again standing to the public to contribute our heritage to future of the breed. Phoenix passes on his presence, confirmation, trot, mindset, and willingness to please to his foals. Traditionally has dropped a bay, black or black bay.

Semen Available: $500 Per Doze/Frozen ONLY

Contact: Colleen 240-529-3066