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The facility sits on 18 acres. It is a newly constructed 12 stall barn and separate 4 stall barn. There is plenty of storage and ventilation. 12 stalls are 12' x 12' and 4 are 12' x 14'.

There are two outdoor arenas for riding. Pastures can be used when vacant. There are four areas with run ins where horses can live out. Every horse has some type of turn out or exercise daily.

The owners live on the property. Gates are locked overnight and horses routinely checked. Excellent care is given to each individual.

Emilia has been showing since the age of 4yrs. She has been exposed to a variety of horse personalities and issues since we opened HorseFeathers. She helps with the rehabilitation and maintenance of the horses that come in from the Morgan Safenet program, aides with training and recently has started to give lessons.

Chloe has also been showing since the age of 4yrs. Her strong suite is assisting with the troubled horses that come in through the Morgan Safenet program, aides with training and assists with all the camp programs and events here at the farm.


Assistants In Training...

Colleen Saint Loup

Loving husband, supporter, go-to guy, show dad, ribbon runner...the list goes on...and HorseFeathers would not be possible without you babe! Not a horse person...so he says. He'd rather be flying but he supports his crazy girls and their horse passion

Dad ...Supporter of the Dream... Mr. Wonderful...

The Facility...

Emilia Saint Loup (left)  and  Chloe Saint Loup (right)

Colleen Saint Loup is the resident owner, trainer and instructor. She has over 20 years of experience with horses and teaching. She is now assisted by her two daughters, Emilia and Chloe.

Her career in horses started in MA in the Morgan horse industry. She has experience in training, management, care, and showing working under many nationally recognized Morgan horse show trainers. She had two seasons training on her own, managing a head of 40 horses, instructing all ages in riding/driving and competing at shows in the New England area. Through this he has gained experience in all styles of riding. Her philosophy is not geared toward the type of riding you do as much as forming a connection with your horse as a team.

In the summer of 1990 she had taken a break from the horse industry, returning to school and gaining her Associates of Science Degree in Graphic Design. Working for a time in this field he had done design for a few equestrian facilities. This carries over to accent my current business.

In 2001 she married, had two beautiful daughters and by 2006 found herself back dabbling in horse related activities. By August of 2011, moving to Midlothian Texas for her husband's work, HorseFeathers Equine Facility, LLC launched.

“Horsefeathers” was coined to honor every horse deemed worthless and unable to do the task expected of them. As with people, every horse has something to offer someone. They have a purpose if you are open to making that connection.

In 2013, she founded Morgan Safenet Foundation with two other like-minded women. This is a Non-profit 501C3 aiding and promoting the Morgan Horse breed. Many of the horses taken in through this program  are used in the HorseFeathers programs to not only  better them for placement in a new home but to help teach youth about the importance of horsemanship, not just riding. Some have shown back to A shows and gone on to hold National championships.

We hope you will make an appointment to visit soon!

Thierry Saint Loup